Social TV: Sharing Stories in the Global Living Room of the Future

Marie-José Montpetit has been studying Social TV for more that 10 years now. Her MIT Media Lab Class on this topic examines television distribution asking the question how is digital technology changing they way television fits into society?

According to Dr. Montpetit, Social TV -a current buzzword in the TV World- is a combination of socializing tools, mainly via devices like phones, laptops and tablets with the screen where you see your main TV show. It ranges from something as simple as commenting on Twitter while you’re watching your favorite TV series to being part of a Social Network (e.g.GetGlue or Miso) that allows you to discover new content and interact with other people in a sort of electronic viewing room.

Maria-José Montpetit

In her session at TEDxSilkRoad, Marie-José Montpetit discuss the role of technology in changing our lives, debating if it is a barrier or a facilitator. The old Silk Road was also about story telling and cultural sharing.

How will stories be shared in the global living room of the future?

Will Social Media and Social TV be the next fireside, connecting people around television programmes?

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